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Transportation Management Experience

We help our customers to strengthen the integration of their business processes with the goal of maximizing the return of investment and encourage their growth and value.

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Why Choose Us?


Reduce unplanned overcharges and eliminate invoice errors by settling costs accurately and automating accrual generation, auditing, and charge tracking.


Optimize your entire transportation chain, assets and carriers.


Have end-to-end control and traceability of the entire transportation process and documents.


Manage transportation requirements with more efficiency and less redundancy through automation and electronic collaboration – from order entry to settlement.


Deliver a consistent logistics experience by centralizing rate and data management with a common platform that is simple to integrate, extend, deploy, and access.


Deliver flexible reporting to assess all freight costs, while evaluating transportation intelligence with graphical and interactive dashboards.

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Our Services

SAP TM assesment and implmentation.

Strategic freight management
  • Optimize freight procurement with advanced analysis, forecasting, and simulation
  • Streamline the quote-to-contract process and automate rate determination
  • Evaluate and prepare bids with predictive, insight-driven quotation rounds
  • Exchange information efficiently with logistics service providers
Order management
  • Generate optimal routing proposals dynamically for rules-based orders
  • Manage changes in transportation demand with real-time order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes
  • Synchronize sales and order scheduling to support customer delivery commitments
  • Integrate order and delivery data in SAP ERP
Transportation planning
  • Use manual, map-based, or automated planning and dynamic replanning functions
  • Build pallets with flexible, rules-based optimization
  • Visualize load planning of vehicle space and loading
  • Track and manage driver resources with default assignments in an interactive cockpit or Gantt chart
Transportation execution
  • Automate updates in freight documents and share truck information
  • Enable capacity monitoring, management, and tracking with real-time event management
  • Communicate with business partners flexibly by using collaboration tools
  • Leverage comprehensive templates for road, sea, and air carriers
Freight costing and settlement
  • Advance freight charge calculation and manage mode-specific charges and tariffs
  • Allocate freight cost accurately across orders and materials
  • Settle freight with capabilities such as accruals posting and carrier self-invoicing
  • Manage invoice disputes with tolerance settings and workflows
Analytics and reporting
  • Support real-time, data-driven decision-making with graphical dashboards running on SAP HANA
  • Deliver flexible reports across transportation areas
  • Use an interactive dashboard to assess freight costs
  • Determine optimal rates and combinations of modes, routes, resources, and carriers
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